Bryston BDA-2 Digital to Analog Converter

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“Digital audio is the fastest moving segment of the high performance audio equipment industry. Equipment manufactured today often out performs far more expensive equivalents designed years ago. What makes the BDA-2 special is that even though the BDA-2 was introduced in 2012, its performance is still regarded as top-notch among today’s worthy competitors. The BDA-2 supports high resolution PCM from your choice of sources including disc players, servers, and streaming systems and converts it to ultra clean analog audio. If you are in it for the music and not the format-wars, the BDA-2 is a great choice.”




  • 8 different inputs including 1 ea. USB, 1 ea. AES/EBU, 2 ea. S/PDIF RCA, 2 ea. S/PDIF BNC, and 2 ea. Toslink
  • PCM support up to 192 kHz / 32 bit
  • User selectable upsampling for some inputs
  • Separate power supplies for analog and digital circuitry
  • Fully discrete Class-A balanced analog outputs
  • Control via IR, RS232 or 12V trigger
  • Aluminum chassis and metalwork. Machined and anodized aluminum dress panel.


  • Silver or black faceplate
  • 17” or 19” faceplate (non-rack mountable)


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