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With Hoyt Stereo.

The finest selection of audio, video, and automation components from the world's most innovative manufacturers, all with our unparalleled service and best-in-class installers.

Hi Fi Audio

Music and sounds evoke a visceral response beyond compare. At the heart of any truly great audio system is a collection of components that push the limits of playback, bringing to life a song or album as intended by its creator. We are proud to offer a range of products at the pinnacle of hi-fi performance..

Home Theater

With deeper, richer colors and stunning contrast displays paired with breathtaking, moving audio that flows all around you, home theater technology is reaching new peaks, providing that true cinema experience from within the comfort of one’s own home.

Home Automation

You put the soul in your home. Let us bring it to life with control systems so powerful, yet so intuitive in operation, that you become one with your surroundings creating an oasis where your needs are fulfilled through technology.  Where devices adapt to your needs and a world of pleasures can be summoned – instantly, effortlessly, with a simple touch.

Featured Products


Complete Home Surveillance At Your Fingertips...

Bring your home to next level with ELAN home automation and security. With expert knowledge in build and setup, your surveillance can be concise, easily accessible and dependable. View camera feeds, control your lighting, and set routine functions right from your phone!

Call in to learn more about ELAN Systems and bring complete surveillance to your home today!
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Versatile, flexible, and willing to help. We offer exceptional in-Home service and cover all of the NE Florida region.

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We only deal with quality products and employ our in-store systems with high-end stereo and home theater gear.

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Matching your needs is our priority, when building systems we strive to meet your criteria for a fair price.

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Secure payments, online, cash or card. Customer information digitally secured and all physical information is shredded.